Jason Moran is a sound mixer in the film industry of Los Angeles.  An avid project campaign researcher, he became obsessed with the idea of Solar Conservation after seeing a documentary on the endless energy possibly provided by the sun and formulated this idea.  

Homo Genus: Sapien

Height: Varies on shoes

Favorite Food: Korean BBQ

Best Friend: Kristen Pickrell

Kristen Pickrell works in various roles in film.  Mostly she does not wish to be tied down to a desk for very long.  She believes in this journey and is so stinkin proud of her bff for making these leaps to provide reliable clean energy for the world.  

Homo Genus: Water Harpy

Height: Small but vicious 

Favorite Food: Pasta or KBBQ (but only from AYDONO in Hollywood)

Best Friend: Jason Moran

We bring the sun's power to you.